Bendy Candles: The Newest Décor Trend to Add Whimsy to Your Home

Bendy Candlesticks

If you like eclectic and colorful home décor, you’ll love this month’s home décor trend – Bendy Candles. You may also see these referred to as twist, wiggle, and abstract candles, though the latter will result in a variety of other different shapes. Bendy Candles are primarily tapered and pillar candles bent in fun, unique, and, sometimes, chaotic ways.

“Bendy Candles” is one of the top trending searches on Pinterest this month and if you take a look at the candles below, you’ll see why.

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1. Bendy Twist Candles – Made by Lindsay D

Bendy Twist Candles - Made by Lindsay D

Bendy Twist Candles – Made by Lindsay D

These start off as 12″ tapered candles and are hand bent and twisted. Because each one is hand made, each one is unique. You can also choose your colors to match your home decor. The picture shows some of the neutral colors that are trending right now in home decor, but she also has some brighter colors, like hot pink and light blue.

2. Curly-Wurly Squiggles Bendy Candles – Queens Park Art

Queens Park Art also hand makes bendy candles from 12″/30 cm tapered candles. However, these are paraffin candlesticks, rather than tapered, and have a slightly different look. Also, they’re all designed to stand alone and if you choose the right shapes, they can sit intertwined.

3. Twist Candles by Lex Pott – 54 Celsius

Want a larger version? These twist candles from 54 Celsius are 9.45″ tall after they’re bent. They stand on their own and come in a large variety of colors. If you plan on burning them, both wicks must be burned at the same time and on a fire-proof surface to reduce the risk of the candle tipping over and catching your home on fire.

4. Double Twisted Candles – Lulicandles

Double Twisted Candles - Lulicandles

Double Twisted Candles – Lulicandles

If you’d like the option of two colors, Lulicandles gives you just that. You can choose the two colors your prefer and she’ll hand make the double twisted candle for you, or you can choose a predetermined color set. They sit about 6″ tall. The colors are bright and fun, and the perfect way to incorporate a splash of color in your room decor.

5. Twist Shaped Soy and BeesWax Candle – Yui Brooklyn

Many of the twisted candles are made from paraffin, probably because soy and beeswax are softer and have lower melting points. However, soy and beeswax both have their own benefits, including burning cleaner. Yui Brooklyn makes their own version of the twisted candle. They’re thicker than the candlesticks we’ve listed, but they’re still whimsical and colorful, and are made from soy and beeswax.

Do you know what other types of candles we’d like to see trending? Candle by the Hour candles. These unique beeswax candles have great display appeal. If you love Cottagecore, this one would go great with your decor…

A fan of one of the “punk” genres (Dieselpunk, Steampunk, Bronzepunk, etc.) or alternative historical fantasies? This candle lantern is sure to appeal to you.

Are you a candle collector? Which are your favorites? Leave a comment!

Bendy Candles

Now trending in home decor! Bendy Candles.

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