Amazon Discover: Home Decor and Fixture Recommendations According to Your ‘Likes’

Amazon Discover

Are you planning a room makeover or building a custom home? Are you having a hard time narrowing down the style of home decor and fixtures you want to include in your design? Amazon’s Discover tool may help. The new visual way to shop gives you instant recommendations according to your likes, so you can piece together a harmonious design scheme and explore styles you may not have known existed.

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Amazon Discover has multiple categories for browsing, including Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting, Kitchen & Dining, Kids & Nursery, Office Furniture, Patio, Bed & Bath, Home Storage, Home Improvement, Seasonal, and Fabric. These are further broken down into subcategories. For example, Furniture is broken down into 35 categories ranging from Area Rugs to Vanities.

As you thumbs-up products, new similar products load on the screen. The recommended products may have slight variations or they may be exactly alike (but a different price). Take a look at the graphic below. You can see what the Coffee Tables category started with and how it changed after I made two selections.

Amazon Discover - Coffee Tables

Amazon Discover – Coffee Tables

Each thumbnail has a price. As you can see, the coffee table in the bottom left that I liked is $77. One of the recommended variations (that looks just like it) appears in the top left and is $21 cheaper. So, not only does the tool help you narrow down the style of home decor you’re looking for but also finds you better priced alternatives. The cost savings can be significant. My Lighting search, as seen below, produced two similar light fixtures with a $200 price difference!

Amazon Discover - Lighting

Amazon Discover – Lighting

Just make sure to read the product details and reviews of each product to assess the quality of your purchase. The materials in the higher-priced product may be worth the extra money.

Once you finish browsing a specific category, like coffee tables, you can explore all your likes. However, you’ll want to save your “Journey” so you can return to it later. When I came back a week after starting my initial search, what I had done was gone. So, definitely save if you like what you’re seeing.

After you complete all your exploring, you can print off what you found to present it to the builder or interior designer, or you can make your purchases right on Amazon.

Have you tried Amazon’s Discover tool? Were you happy with the results? Let us know in the comments.

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