3 Common Contractor Scams…and How to Avoid Them

3 Common Contractor Scams and How to Avoid Them - The Cameron Team - Preview

Ever since Hurricane Florence, we’ve seen a plethora of contractors scamming homeowners who are trying to repair their homes. We always recommend reading online reviews and requesting references prior to committing to a contractor, and we never recommend paying for the entire job upfront. The majority of contractors are good people earning an honest living, but as a homeowner, you need to know how to spot the bad ones. Below is an infographic we’ve created showing the most common contractor scams and how to avoid them. If you need a reference for a reputable contractor in the greater Wilmington area, please feel welcome to reach out to us at (910) 202-2546. We are happy to help!

About the Author
Meghan Henderson
Meghan is the Marketing Specialist for The Cameron Team and a published author of two young adult books. She also creates digital and printable planners and trackers, as well as coloring pages for Larkspur & Tea.