10 Useful Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

10 Useful Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

Perhaps you just moved into a condo with a small floor plan or furnishing a small room with a challenging layout. Either way, you are in need of furniture ideas for small spaces. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are 10 pieces of furniture to help you maximize the space in your home.

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1. Convertible Sleeper Chair

Are you looking for an extra place to lounge or a guest bed that you can tuck away? This convertible sleeper chair can be left partly unfolded as a chair, folded up as an ottoman, or completely expanded to a lounger. Some of its most popular uses include a bed in a nursery and guest accommodations in a home office. It also comes in a variety of colors.

2. Love Seat +

If you have a small living room, den, office, or man cave that needs seating, a love seat can be a good option. But an even better option is a love seat with MORE. For example, a love seat with storage under the seat..

Or a love seat that has a lounge, place to store items (inside the chaise), and a pocket for tucking away the TV remote control…

Or, finally, a love seat with USB ports, which really helps to free up outlets and make the room look more organized.

3. Lift Top Coffee Table

Need to work from home from time to time but don’t have the space for a desk? A lift top coffee table may be exactly what you need. It’s created to lift/lower effortlessly and has built-in storage underneath that will accommodate a laptop, office supplies, books, or even games.

4. Folding Computer Desk

People are increasingly working from home, but they don’t always have room for a computer desk. So, they end up on the couch or sitting at the dining room table, which can wreck posture and create clutter, respectively. This folding computer desk may just be the solution. It’s compact and can be stored against the wall or under a couch when not in use.

5. Expandable Cart with Seating

When you don’t have much space, guest seating for meals can be challenging. This teak cart comes with two nesting stools and a drop leaf to expand the surface area. It can be rolled around and is small enough to tuck away in a closet until needed. Similar setups are often used in beach condos and vacation rentals where the number of visitors fluctuates. It could also be used in a craft corner, where you may not need a table all the time.

6. Compact Dining Table and Chair Set

If you want a small table that’s more permanent, consider a nesting dining set. Because the chairs and table are designed to fit together, they will take up less room. This one is made of metal and MDF.

This tavern set is also an option. It sits higher than a normal dining room set, but the stools fit under the table.

7. Bed with Built-In Storage

Lacking storage space in your bedroom? This bed frame has a convenient storage area underneath the mattress, which lifts for access. Some bed frames have pull-out drawers (many that aren’t really drawers, but wood boxes on wheels). They cost a considerable amount more than this frame and don’t allow for as much utilization of space. If you’re worried about lifting the mattress, don’t. It has a gas lift mechanism that allows you to raise the mattress with minimal effort. It also comes in sizes ranging from Twin to King. Overall, it’s a good option for tucking away items you may not need on a daily basis.

8. Hanging Bedside Night Stand

This space-saving night stand has a flip-down tray for a drink, phone, reading glasses, etc. and a shelf for books or a tablet. The durable metal makes it resistant to wear and gives it an urban modern look.

9. Bathroom Storage for Awkward Spaces

A small bathroom can be one of the most challenging spaces to fit storage, especially if it’s an older bathroom with a pedestal sink. This 3-tiered bamboo shelf may be small, but it has its benefits. Not only does it add storage to awkward areas, it’s also short enough to fit under many wall-mounted sinks and has a waterproof coating making it durable enough for the damper areas of your home, like a bathroom.

Another option is this skinny cabinet, which can fit in the tight area next to the toilet. It has room for toilet paper, facial tissues, and cleaning supplies.

10. Vertical Shoe Rack

Some homes lack coat closets and leave little room for racks, so there’s nowhere to store shoes. This vertical shoe rack solves that issue. It fits into small spaces and has room for storing 7 pairs of shoes. Plus, there’s space on top for a plant or drop basket for keys, wallets, and more.

One of the best things you can do when furnishing a small living space is choose furniture that has more than one purpose. “Convertible” and “nesting” are great keywords to use when searching for pieces.

10 Useful Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

10 Useful Furniture Pieces for Small Spaces

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