Fireball Orange Deciduous Azalea from New Life Nursery

Amazon Plants Store Launches: Delivers Live Plants to Your Doorstep

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Plants have been available from independent sellers on Amazon for some time now, but the process of finding and purchasing plants is now more streamlined with Amazon Plants Store. You can order the plants online and have them shipped to you. We believe in supporting local nurseries and plant stores because small business keeps the area’s economy healthy, but sometimes …

Water Flowing from Faucet

Winter Projects to Get Your Home Ready to List in Spring

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Spring and Summer are the two busiest seasons of the real estate market when buyers are out in full force looking at homes and making offers. However, these are also the months when the most homes are on the market. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market to take advantage of the increased number of buyers, you …

Do Real Estate Agents Receive Kickbacks from Mortgage Brokers?

Do Real Estate Agents Receive Kickbacks from Mortgage Brokers?

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You started off your home search by hiring yourself a real estate agent or broker. You haven’t been preapproved for a home loan yet, so they’ve given you a couple names of mortgage brokers. Chances are, you’re wondering if they get something in return from those mortgage brokers, like a referral fee, and that may not be leaving the best …


5 Negotiation Tactics Sure to Doom a Home Offer

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Are you house hunting? When it’s time to negotiate the home offer, some buyers think they’re playing hardball, but in reality, they’re just setting up their offer to be rejected. Below are 5 negotiation tactics that are doomed to fail. Keep them in mind when it comes time to make your offer. 1. Lowballing A buyer’s first instinct may be …