Excellent Support by Rachel Belch

Melanie Cameron

We are very grateful to have had Rachel Belch as our realtor. She was completely thorough and prompt throughout a particularly difficult situation. She persisted through communications with the seller and developer and continuously kept us informed. For example, we were told we did not have choices for flooring and tile. Then suddenly we did and these choices had to be made asap. She directed us to the correct vendors so that we were able to make choices and avoid delays. She persisted through many confusing conversations from the developer and seller re: our upgrades. Her consistent, correct tabulation of our house costs are what eventually got our lender to prepare the proper closing documentation. Her knowledge of Wilmington, construction, inspectors and closing attorneys was invaluable. Rachel went the extra mile and insisted on ensuring the actions of the lender, the seller and the attorneys office came together so that we closed on the date and time we needed. This was a very difficult situation given the pandemic and trying to settle and move during the holidays. She worked tirelessly to get the closing attorney to work us in during many snags along the way. She was also able to set up and change inspections through several delays. On our final walkthrough Rachel suggested we do several runs through the ice maker before using the ice. She also suggested we change the filters as soon as we move in and again in 2 weeks to keep ahead of construction dust. She also gave us important information regarding the water quality of Wilmington. This is our 5th home. We have met many realtors and Rachel is by far the best!